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Discover Electric Companies in Texas

It doesn't matter if you live in a house in Abilene or an apartment in Houston, you have the power to choose among Texas electric companies. You could save money by switching to a new energy supplier because Texas electricity rates are subject to a competitive marketplace and certain companies may offer a lower percent rate without any add-on charges. With so many companies vying for your business, you could end up with an energy plan that better fits your needs.

Find Texas electricity rates for your business

Running a business can be expensive, especially when you factor in costs like the electricity bill. Like most, you are probably looking for ways to reduce your expenses. Before you take drastic measures to cut back on your business energy costs, you may want to consider shopping around for new Texas electricity rates.

Most of the Texas retail electric companies available in your area offer energy supply packages for residents and businesses. From a small restaurant to a large hardware store, there are Texas electricity rates and plans available to fit all types of businesses.

Deregulation for Texas electric companies

If you want to make the most of your power to choose among Texas electric companies, you must first understand how the energy market operated in the past. Before deregulation, utilities were the only companies allowed to supply and deliver energy to homes and businesses. In addition to have a virtual monopoly over their service territories, utilities were given the stamp of approval by state government which regulated energy pricing with rate caps. These measures were put in place to help ensure utilities did not overcharge for energy. The majority of the United States still operates within the regulated energy market model, giving people very little choice when it comes to their energy supply.

Here in Texas, you can consider yourself lucky. In 2002, the Texas legislature passed Senate Bill 7 that separated the energy industry into three parts: generation, retail sales and distribution. The utility is responsible for the delivery of electricity through its infrastructure of power lines, but instead of purchasing their energy supply from their utility, consumers are able to choose from among dozens of retail electric companies in Texas. Now that competition has entered the energy market, Texas electricity rates can vary by plan, utility area and even ZIP code.


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Make a difference with green energy from electric companies in Texas

Texas has been a leader in the oil and gas industry for decades, but more recently the state has been at the forefront of the renewable energy industry. With plentiful wind, solar and biomass resources, Texas is one of the nation's largest green energy opportunities.

You may have already heard about the wind turbines popping up all over the Lone Star State, or seen solar panels on buildings, but did you know you could purchase the energy they produce? Several Texas electric companies offer green energy options you can buy. In fact, you could purchase plans that will ensure up to 100 percent of your energy use is generated by renewable resources. This energy will be introduced to the grid to essentially balance out your consumption. Although Texas electricity rates for green energy might be slightly higher than the rates charged for energy made from fossil fuels, you can rest easier knowing you've done your part to reduce the world's carbon output. Plus, buying green not only reduces your carbon footprint, it also helps the Texas economy!

Updated: 7-9-2015