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Energy Companies in Texas

Living in Texas means that you're lucky enough to reside in an area with the freedom to choose from a variety of energy companies. Most areas in Texas are different from the majority of the rest of the country because the electricity market is deregulated. That's great news for consumers.

A competitive market means that you'll reap the benefits of various energy companies battling for your business by offering diverse energy options and customized pricing plans. You have the liberty to compare different programs and incentives in order to make a decision that is best for your household rather than being assigned a provider.

What is Electricity Deregulation?

Since Texas Bill 7 came into action in 2002, Texas power consumers have been allowed to elect which retail electric providers (REPs) will serve their homes and businesses. Most often, the REP is a separate entity from the incumbent utility that you would call in the event of a power outage.

Texas Energy Companies

Being in a deregulated area, you are not forced to buy your electricity supply from the utility. You do business with the company that can give you the best deal for the same electricity you've been getting all along. In addition, you can choose from a diverse collection of energy plans.

Energy Suppliers with Green Solutions

If one of your biggest concerns in choosing between energy suppliers is how much impact your energy use has on the planet, you'll enjoy being able to opt for a Green energy company. While brown energy resources pollute the environment and aren't renewable, Green energy resources are more readily renewable and produce less pollution. Electricity from brown sources comes from materials such as coal and natural gas while green energy comes from sources like thermal plants or wind turbines.

Choosing Between Energy Providers

When you're trying to figure out which REP is best for you, the abundance of information available can be overwhelming. If you're moving to Texas from a regulated area, it can be especially stressful. Rest assured that whichever choice you make, your electricity will be delivered by a local Texas Electricity Provider. Regardless of which REP you choose, the transmission, distribution and maintenance of the electricity infrastructure will be taken care of, giving you reliable service.

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